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KONE E MiniSpace is an economical elevator solution, designed especially for residential buildings. Clear specifications and a standardized offering make it easy to choose and install the solution.


  • Description: Small machine room elevator for new buildings
  • Speed: 2.5 m/s
  • Max. travel: 120 m
  • Max. load: 1150 kg
  • Max. persons: Up to 13
  • Max. elevators in group: 3


  • Durable and cost-efficient KONE KDS 220 signalization, award-winning KSS 280 signalization
  • Several design collection cars for easy selection of functional and visually appealing interiors.
  • A selection of optional features for further enhancing elevator safety, accessibility, eco-efficiency and performance

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KONE EcoDisc®

The KONE EcoDisc hoisting motor is the heart of KONE’s elevator solutions. The revolutionary solution launched in 1996 has a proven track record of more than 800,000 units installations worldwide. With the constant improvements to the solution, the renewed KONE EcoDisc provides

  • More energy-efficient technology: The new innovative copper winding system reduces the amount of energy lost as heat.
  • More compact than before: The updated KONE EcoDisc is also more space efficient and requires less height and width. This frees up valuable floor space or allows for a more spacious, higher-capacity car.
  • Better ride comfort: The V3F variable-frequency drive ensures a smooth, comfortable ride with superior acceleration/ deceleration profile, better floor-to-floor travel times, and precision leveling.

Elevator solutions

Description + segment
Machine room
Max speed
Max travel
Max load/persons
KONE E MiniSpace
Economical elevator for residential buildings
Yes2.5 m/s
120 m
1000 kg/ up to 13 persons
KONE N MiniSpace
Versatile elevator for mid-rise residential buildings
2.5 m/s
135 m
1600 kg/ up to 21 persons
KONE S MiniSpace
High-performance elevator for mid and high-rise buildings
3.0 m/s
150 m
1600 kg/ up to 21 persons
KONE MiniSpace
High-speed elevator for high-rise buildings
4.0 m/s
210 m
1600 kg/ up to 21 persons
KONE Highrise MiniSpace
High-speed elevator for high-rise buildingsYes
10.0 m/s
400 m
2000 kg/ up to 26 persons
KONE E MonoSpace
Economical elevator for residential buildings
1.75 m/s
55 m
1000 kg/ up to 13 persons
KONE N MonoSpace
Versatile elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings
2.5 m/s
90 m
1200 kg/ up to 15 persons
KONE S MonoSpace
Highly flexible elevator solution for demanding commercial buildings
No2.5 m/s
90 m
2000 kg/ up to 26 persons
KONE TranSys
Adaptable passenger and goods elevator solution for public transport, retail, hospital buildings
1.0 m/s
40 m
4000kg/ up to 53 persons
KONE Bed elevator
Elevator designed especially for hospitals
Yes & No
2.0 m/s
75 m
2000 kg/ up to 26 persons