Elevator Modernization | Lift Upgrade

Elevator Modernization | Lift Upgrade

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Plan efficient equipment upgrades that work for you with our step-by-step guide to get ourmodernized elevatorservices.

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Why modernize your elevator?

WHY MODERNIZE YOUR ELEVATOR? Ensure the Safety and Efficiency of your Elevator Throughout its Lifecycle.

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Prepare your Elevator for the Future

Future-proof your commercial or residential building so that it’s ready to evolve quickly and effectively to the changing needs of tenants.

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Up to 70% Energy Savings

Modernizing your elevators can deliver energy savings of up to 70%. Our KONE modernization solutions range from retrofitting elevator LED lights to installing a completely new elevator with energy-regeneration technology.

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Up to 90% More Energy Efficient

We're constantly working to improve the energy efficiency of our products and building services. Our current KONE machine room-less elevator is up to 90% more efficient than our elevators from the 90's


Care for Your Elevator Throughout its Lifetime


Flexible Modernization Services


Full Elevator Replacement

With full elevator replacement, we completely remove your old elevator and install a brand new one in your building’s existing shaft.


Modular Modernization

Modular lift modernization puts you in control, allowing you to pick and choose elevator upgrades as required.


Component Upgrades

Component upgrades are a quick and cost-effective way to make small but valuable improvements to your modern elevator.


Building Project Management

Industry-leading building project management and execution ensures elevator installation runs safely and smoothly

Elevator Modernization | Lift Upgrade

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