KONE Care™ DX | Predictive Maintenance

Keep your KONE DX elevator in the best shape with the first carbon-neutral maintenance service in the elevator industry. Thanks to AI-powered predictive maintenance, automatic updates, remote servicing and in person or digital support at your fingertips —KONE Care™ DX maximizes uptime and prolongs your elevator's life.


>40% reduction in elevator faults


1st carbon-neutral elevator maintenance service


24/7 support and insights

KONE Care™ DX | Predictive Maintenance

Discover KONE Care™ DX

KONE DX elevators are advanced. Taking care of them should be simple. KONE Care™ DX uses the power of AI and digital connectivity to provide seamless, predictive elevator care while keeping you up-to-date on your equipment’s status.


Intelligently prolong your elevator’s life

Maximize uptime and keep your KONE DX elevator running day-in, day-out with AI-powered predictive maintenance, automatic updates and intelligent troubleshooting. With KONE Care™ DX, you get all the benefits of KONE 24/7 Connected Services and more.


Get instant support and visibility over your equipment

Get help when you need it with support from our experts and stay on top of your elevator's performance delivered to your fingertips through online reports and instant mobile notifications. Get in touch via KONE Online, KONE Mobile or speak to someone in person at our customer call centre.

KONE Care™ DX | Predictive Maintenance


Benefit from sustainable elevator care

Reduce unplanned maintenance visits and utilize our predictive services that are making it easier to plan proactively for upcoming repairs. Plus, all KONE Care™ DX maintenance visits will be carbon neutral through our offsetting programs - that's better for the planet.

*KONE is partnering with leading climate solutions provider South Pole, who have assessed our KONE Care DX carbon neutral maintenance approach and approved that it is aligned with the generally established practices related to carbon nautrality and compensation.


Create tailor-made experiences

Delight and inspire with hand-picked digital services that can be easily adapted, activated and scaled to boost user experience within your building. KONE Care™ DX is the smartest way to leverage the power of connectivity and seamlessly evolve your KONE DX Class elevator as you go - keeping your building on the cutting-edge, both now and in the future.

Download the brochure

KONE Care™ DX is leading the way towards a new era of smart and sustainable maintenance for connected elevators. Download the brochure to discover more tangible benefits.

Evolve your elevator with digital services

With digital services and connectivity, you can create tailored experiences for elevator users and improve the people flow experience for the entire building.

Let’s chat

Interested in learning more? Book a meeting today to learn more about predictive sustainable elevator maintenance and discover how KONE Care™ DX can help get the most out of your KONE DX elevator.

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KONE Care™ DX | Predictive Maintenance

Learn more about smart lifts

Learn more about smart lifts

Future-proof your building and increase elevator functionality with smart technology.

KONE Care™ DX | Predictive Maintenance

Explore tailored maintenance solutions

Explore tailored maintenance solutions

Stay on top of elevator maintenance with services designed just for you.


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